Explore and Own Your Story


Find Your Golden Thread 

Deep Dive Session

First Step: Ready to get your TRUE message into the world? Start here.

In this 90-minute call we dive into and prowl all around the subject of YOU.  We investigate your story (where it’s serving you and where it’s not), explore your powerful metaphors, and do some reverse engineering. We find ways you can use the nuggets of your life, story and “Language of YOU”  in your business message.  You not only clarify the tone and content of their message—you also get juicy material for signature speeches, home and about pages, blogs, newsletters, programs, products, and more.

Includes: phone session, transcript and mp3 recording, plus summary and Language of You action plan for your writing


Golden Thread Writer’s Intensive


Next Step: Hone and own your writing voice. Let’s make your blog, website, and sales page writing a whole lot easier, fun and more YOU.

Writing for business can be traumatizing. Nails get bitten. Hair gets pulled. Hours go by. (Believe me, I get it!) The thing is, entrepreneurs need to write… just about every day. Whether you’re sharing in Facebook groups or crafting new offers, writing your blog or updating your website, when your writing flows, life and business feel SO much better. In the Container, we demystify the writing process. We break it down, make it fun, and–best of all–put your spin on it. We work together in biweekly coaching/editing sessions for 3 or 6 months.  Once you have your Golden Thread, you’re way ahead of the game. We take all the great stuff we gathered in your Golden Thread session and start turning it into the pieces that will get you seen—and making money.




Write Your Book

Book Blast-Off + Editing/Ghostwriting

Have you been dreaming of writing a book for your business? Check out this 3-month Beautiful Book plan. We begin with a Book Blast-off Day, where we meet and define your book’s mission, map out each of your chapters, and plan our writing and editing calendar to take you right through your entire manuscript. If you’re writing, this package includes editing and clarity sessions as you work through each chapter—along with a final thorough edit. If the writing is not your thing, I offer ghost-writing services, which insure your book sounds and feels like you. Let’s jump on the phone for a Clarity Call and talk about what you’re envisioning.


Book Mapping for the Curious

So, you’ve got a brilliant idea for a book—or think you do.  It takes sustained energy to complete a book—does your idea light you up enough to see it through? Do you have “meat for the bones” of your book? Let’s find out. Book Mapping is a way for you to investigate your idea before you make a big investment in a book coach or editor. In this 2-3 hour session we look at what you are really burning to share, what your audience is hungry for, how your material (your story, teachings, exercises, etc.) would best be organized, and how excited you are about it. Together we create a fun, physical map for how your book would flow. (This has been an invaluable tool to keep me and other authors from wandering off the trail as we write.)


Special A La Carte Projects
Get it Done (I Write)

I hold a couple of slots open each month for private writing clients who’ve already had a Golden Thread Session with me. I can help you with:

  • website copy or a thorough website review + recommendations you can implement
  • irresistible freebies: info products, autoresponders or calls to action
  • e-books that position you as an expert
  • bio or elevator pitch that does you justice
  • ready-to-publish articles or blog posts

So, where do we start?

Just schedule a complimentary 30-minute clarity call with me to see if we’re a fit.