Writing & Marketing Strategies
for Business Owners with a Big Vision
(who also have to-do list that’s too long,
a bank account that’s too small
and a message that’s too hidden)

You’ve got a big vision for your work.
A wonderful message to deliver to the world.
A service that will help so many people.

Except no one knows it.

But they would if you had that project done. You know, that project that’s been holding you back—the one that keeps showing up on your to-do list every Monday?

  • The one that could help you stop spinning wheels and start opening doors.
  • The one that would really help you be seen by your ideal clients.
  • The one you can’t stop thinking about, but can never seem to complete because you don’t know how it fits into your marketing plan.
  • The one that is draining your energy and preventing you from doing just about anything else, including making money.

What is it?

Your big door-opener?
A sales letter, an e-book or your list-building freebie

Your business-builders?
Website copy, a new tagline or a blog

Your definition of success?
A mission statement or one-page business plan

I’m Madeleine Eno. I’m a writing and marketing strategist who helps brilliant but unseen business owners like you define your message, develop an action plan, and get written projects like these into the world, so your ideal clients can find you.

Are you ready to get it done, get seen and get paid?

Email me today to schedule your complimentary 30-minute clarity session—and let’s get it done before another day goes by.