Getting Real

My blog, until today, has been like the shoemaker’s child.

So, I’ve got to admit something horrifying. Horrifying to me, at least. I write blogs for other people–and don’t write my own. OK, there it is. In order to stop this trend, I’ve signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge and am going to (Am. Going. To.) write a blog a day each day in April.

Tonight, I’m also getting ready for my interview tomorrow with Darla LeDoux for her Truth Summit--and the two events are definitely connected. On the telesummit, she’s talking with 20 entrepreneurs about how powerful it is to design your business model around what you actually believe. For me, telling the truth is all about having enough–being enough–not waiting for there to be more–of whatever–before I start sharing.

I learned a new word today, “atelophobia,” from the Greek for “imperfection” and “fear.” It is, according to Wikipedia, an anxiety disorder that “makes the person afflicted feel like everything they do is wrong.” From what I see in my clients (and myself) this is what keeps us from blogging or from putting our true message out there in the world. Not being enough, not having anything worthwhile to say, and feeling like anything we do say is just going to be wrong anyway. God, I’m a damn atelophobe.

My business is all about helping entrepreneurs get clear on what they have to say–and finding powerful, meaningful, authentic ways to say it. It’s all about the truth.

So here goes. With the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I feel a new day dawning. 🙂

Hello, world. Hello, shoes. Goodbye, atelophobia.

5 Responses to Getting Real

  • Welcome to the UBC! And thanks for teaching me a new word. 🙂 Some folks have told me that I should probably learn to fear things a little more than I do. (I don’t think they mean that as a compliment, so I don’t take it as one lol.)

    Your blog looks like it is going to be very interesting. I love wandering around on these types of sites.

  • Good luck with the UBC, it’s a wonderful community, hugely supportive and you’ll even make new friends. This is my fourth UBC and the thing I love about it the most apart from the things I already mentioned is the discipline it gives you to write each day. Have fun.

  • Paris Franz says:

    Atelophobia! So that’s what it’s called. I know the feeling well. Some days it comes back to bite me, but I’ve got to the stage where I’ve realised that if I do something wrong, people will have forgotten about by tomorrow anyway, so why stress about it? At least, that’s what I tell myself!

  • Jan Kearney says:

    Welcome to the UBC! It’s great fun and ideal for that kick to focus on your own blog for a while 🙂

  • Janice says:

    Thank you for the inspiration this morning. I decided to start a blog and the very first thing that came up for me was…yes, fear! And value. Could what I have to say really have value for anyone else? Instead of going to “that” place, I will follow your blog-steps and just do it!