Success Stories

Before I decided to work with Madeleine, I read all of the reviews on her website.  I saw she held a high standard for the people she worked with and that is what I was looking for. I wanted to be pushed without cutting any corners in my work.
I can confidently say Madeleine would make any level of writer better. She takes the time to do her homework on who she is working with and takes a tailored approach.The result of our work together? Night and day! Massive improvement.
I plan on working with Madeleine on my next project. She went above and beyond what I expected. She gave me editorial comments that allowed me to explore parts of my work that I thought were good, and gave me insight into making them great. 

—Michael Ivanov
Author of The Mount of Olives:
11 Declarations for an Extraordinary Life

I called on Madeleine to help me wrap up a project I had been dreaming of working on for years. Although the book that ultimately got published was not the book I had originally thought it would be. It was “the book” that needed to be written with the stories that needed to be told. After we had our deep-dive day to outline the structure, Madeleine kept me focused and, with an aggressive deadline and demand for writing, we hit every scheduled benchmark with clarity and a detailed map of where to go next. Madeleine has an artful way of pulling from you what needs to be shared and doesn’t hold back what needs to be cut to keep the message as clear and strong as it can be. And I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Wholly Sober was awarded “Best New Release” on Amazon, and on a regular basis I receive messages stating, “Once I started reading your book, I couldn’t put it down.” Words a new author hopes to hear. If you’re looking for someone to help you stay on course and be your best I highly recommend Madeleine.

—Teresa Rodden
Author of Wholly Sober: How I Stopped Thinking
About Drinking and Started Loving My Life


I just finished my Book Blast-Off day with Madeleine. In three hours we planned and outlined the book I’ve been dreaming of writing for a decade. I have a manifesto and mission for my book, a clear map for each chapter, and a beautiful sticky note wall to remind me what I’m doing each step of the way. I didn’t think we could get so far and be so thorough in just a few hours. I’m thrilled and ready to dive in to writing. Madeleine has literally saved me YEARS of work.
 —Joan Lubar
Author of Rock’n’Roll at Any Age

I sent out my very first newsletter yesterday….all thanks to YOU!  And, because I am so proud of it, I have forwarded you a copy. After presenting that successful speech there other night, I am grateful to be working with you. Madeleine, really, you have helped me so much. Much more than simply helping me with my words. You have helped me know who I am and embrace that.  You asked me questions that I had NEVER thought of before. AND made me answer them! I read my transcript over again for inspiration. Thank you for all!

—Gayle Yatawara, MD


Working with Madeleine has been a game-changer for me and my business! While I love to write it was feeling burdensome to keep up with my monthly articles and newsletters. But with Madeleine’s help, the process is much easier. Not only is is reassuring to know her creative editorial hand will improve my articles, Madeleine’s coaching has helped me put more of my own voice and my own story in my writing and that has made a huge difference in the quality of my work.

You’ll love working with Madeleine… she’s terrific!

—Diane Petrella

I am crying happy tears. Thank you, thank you. I can’t believe how inspired I feel about my own business and my vision when I read the copy you created. It is perfect. You are amazing at putting into words what is so deep in me that I could not have articulated it myself. I feel more excited than ever about what I want to do with my business and it’s thanks to doing this Golden Thread work with you. I’m so grateful!

—Rachel Dunham


We have just had a year of being so busy we could barely reply to emails. We have many projects lined up for 2016. And we credit much of this success to Madeleine and the blog and social media program she created and has built. It’s amazing to be first place in the search engines and have such solid content on our site. Thank you!

—Kary Reinke


After my Golden Thread Session with Madeleine I experienced a lot more clarity and enthusiasm for my business. It was so great to have someone tune into my business and me! Plus, it felt validating and powerful to have Madeleine put into words what I was feeling.

After the session I immediately knew that I wanted Madeleine to write all the other pages for my website. It was so valuable to have another person’s perspective for my business. I pared down my offerings and got crystal clear on what I needed to do to make the website work for my business. It was so liberating!

Madeleine is very insightful and working with her is a complete delight! The Golden Thread interview provides a deeper inspection into your life and your business. It’s so much more in-depth than what other copywriters offer. Madeleine’s work is spot on. She got me and what I offer so clearly and I love the copy on my site. Others do, too. It has been very valuable for my business.  I highly recommend working with Madeleine–and I have recommended her to some of my clients, too!

—Stephanie Steyer 


Since working with Madeleine, people comment so much about how I am now so clear on my work. They love it. Having my message clear allows the right people to come to me. I do not have “website shame” anymore.

What’s most valuable is being confident in my message and seeing things in my own story that weren’t “visible” to me before. Having a Golden Thread session makes it so much easier to structure talk topics because my message is so much more clear. And knowing my brand promise is enormous. I recently went back to my Golden Thread document to hone in on what to say on stage when I had 10 minutes to speak and need to make an impact. I rocked that speech!

Plus I just loved the session! What a beautiful experience. Just being able to relax and talk about myself and my story and have Madeleine know what parts of my story needed to be told was SO valuable. For years, I really such a hard time writing my own About Page because I had so many twists and turns to my story. And now I love it and it makes so much sense to my ideal clients.

Madeleine has the sweetest, smartest, most soothing way of guiding you to answer questions. The Find Your Golden Thread session has been a fantastic investment for my business.

—Nadhira Radzack


Madeleine is the most well-spoken, intuitive person you’ll ever work with. She has a beautiful way of orchestrating your tangled words into a symphony. She knows how to get to the heart of the story so your clients can relate to who you truly are. She is my go-to for content on my website and signature speeches because she knows how to keep me real AND captivate the reader. Thank you Madeleine for your support and love in my projects. You are such a gift!

—Jennifer Faimon


THANK YOU, Madeleine!! You made creating a sales page so easy and frankly, painless! I’ve tried writing them before (they sucked!) following what I thought was the template by just looking at other people’s sales pages. I also bought sales page templates to follow and tried to write my own. Ugh. I still couldn’t get what is really important out of my head & heart, and onto the page.

Your new process made it SO much easier and a lot of fun. I loved having you ask me questions and just talk through why I created my offering and who it’s for and why it is so awesome. Then when when I got the copy from you, the essence and the bones were right there.

When I read my sales page, I think, “I want to buy this program!” Isn’t that how we all want to feel about our programs and services? I just launched the page recently and am pleased with product sales so far. If you’re struggling to write a sales page, or to just get clear what and why you do what you do and it’s value, then look no further than Madeleine Eno!

—Kris Prochaska


Madeleine is a GENIUS! When we connected, I wasn’t sure there was any continuity to be found in my message. Madeleine helped me see the Golden Thread that connected all the pieces of my story together and share it in a way that made sense.

I’ve had people compliment me on how clear and relatable the copy on my website is. They feel like they know and understand me without having yet met me. My ability to focus and the clarity of my message has only continued to heighten in the months since our session. I would not be speaking on stage or confidently packaging my services the way I am without feeling so deeply connected with the Golden Thread in my message. This has been an invaluable process for my business.

 —Danielle Watson, Diva of Indulgence


You are brilliant! I just have to say, wow, you are in the right niche! I had a gut feeling that you would be the person who could “get” me – and you do. I love all your ideas and you are such a gifted writer. 

—Betsy Burbank, Coach
The Art of Being You

Whenever I lead workshops with Madeleine, I see how she has a way of igniting something hidden inside of people that wants to shout “YES.”  Yes to the discovery of it, Yes to tenderly holding it, Yes to liberating it—whatever “it” may be… a perspective, a feeling, a question. I’ll never know how she turns the mundane into the sacred so that what felt like a  struggle or confusion in someone’s story becomes an actual gateway to profound understanding.  I only know that I and all our workshop participants feel beautiful, authentic and connected to ourselves, our “Golden Thread,” and everything else when we’re with her.

—Karen Hangsterfer
Yoga Instructor & Creative Entrepreneur


I can’t tell you how excited I was after our Golden Thread session. It was amazing how you stimulated me to vocalize feelings that I simply couldn’t put into words before. I felt so safe sharing my story with you and appreciated your thoughtful questions. I had several epiphanies that had been buried for a long, long time. You are incredible and you’re one of the main reasons I have a vision/mission for my business today! I am so excited for what lies ahead.

—Eliza Bone, Jewelry Artist

Madeleine’s sharp mind and intuitive style are both refreshing and hard to find. She’s a natural and her unique skill set assures that not only are the words beautiful, powerful and purposeful, but business objectives are met as well.

Madeleine possesses an innate talent for writing. Her ability to hone in on the essence of my thoughts and literally convert them into high-quality content is nothing short of magic. Madeleine is willing to do whatever it takes to reach a successful outcome. Deadlines are no longer worrisome—she is a superstar writer and is fun and extremely reliable.

I tell everyone about her supernatural ability to transform words. She feels like my own private copywriting oasis!  Once I send her my thoughts, I breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

—Kerry Swetmon, Founder, LifeBusinessGrowth


Madeleine has the ability to capture your voice and create marketing copy that is not only AUTHENTIC, but is also strategic, compelling and highly effective. From sales pages to auto responders, social media and email campaigns, Madeleine writes consistent, smart, fun and authentic messages that move your prospects to action.

If you want to feel really good about your copy AND increase your results, Madeleine is your secret weapon.

—Patti Keating, The Entrepreneur Unleashed


I have a new business crush. In fact, I’m quite frankly in love with the poetry and business marketing prose that seem to literally emanate from Madeleine. If you are in need of quality verbiage for your site, she will knock your socks off. She not only wrote fantastic copy for my client, but also incorporated a lot of creative marketing ideas and strategies. If I had my way, I would work with Madeleine on every project I did.

—Josh McKenney


Madeleine  is a talented and gifted writer who writes in a warm conversational way while sharing my core message and weaving in powerful calls to action. The number of comments and compliments regarding my blog since Madeleine has been writing it has been amazing. I am thrilled to have her.  She is skilled in taking good content and making it great and she truly hones her craft. I highly recommend Madeleine Eno!

—Susan Boone


Madeleine is far more than a writer. She is a true artist, a masterful technician and a spiritual guide who works her magic with words. She is always eloquent and true to the authentic voice of her client. Madeleine formulated just the right words for what I do.

—Julie Limbocker, Stylist & Organizer
“The Beauty Revealer”


1. Right this very minute…write down the location of any class that Madeleine is teaching.
2. Sign up…immediately!
Only then will you know why I am one of many enthusiastic attendees and wouldn’t miss one of her classes. Madeleine is fun and inspiring. Her teaching and coaching has helped me develop confidence and trust in my own writing.

—Pat Hollister

I can’t believe you work so quickly and make what I offer sound so amazing. You really are a pro at what you do. Thanks for your continued support and magical ways of making words so enticing.

—Connie Knittel

Wow, I think I love you! I am loving what you have written… and it is authentically me.  What an incredible gift you have!

—DeAnne Pearson

What Madeleine did is nothing short of brilliant. I know I could never have arrived at this place without her, no matter how many hours I put in. Her work is fast and incredible!

—Ellen Montague