What if your STORY really was your gold?

Join me September 12th and 13th, 2014
in beautiful

Portland, Oregon

Dear Entrepreneur:

Do you hide the best parts of your story because you
don’t see them, don’t know how to share them or
worry that people just won’t get you?

Is it a lot more comfortable to talk about the latest
training you took or your impressive job history
than it is to talk about YOU?

Do you envy those together people who get on stage
and tell the stories that make everyone laugh, think and cry?

If any of these sound familiar,
I’ve got something for you (and it’s actually already yours).
It’s called your Golden Thread.


The Find Your
Golden Thread

Your Golden Thread is the powerful theme that connects your
business, your purpose, your experience and your SELF
with your ideal clients.

And here’s what happens when you find
and unravel your Golden Thread…

…your business message becomes strong and
you know exactly which parts of your story to share
(and when to share them).

…your confidence increases
when you speak about what you do, who you serve, how you help—
and why you are so clearly the one who was born to do this work.

…your offers are clear, hard-to-forget
and reach exactly who they are meant to reach… easily.

But here’s the problem.

It’s not easy to find your Golden Thread on your own.

That’s because it’s often subtle,
frequently hides in plain sight
and can change over time.
(Believe me, I didn’t find mine on my own!)

So, if you’re a conscious, service-based business owner

…who wants to strengthen your marketing message

…who wants to connect the dots
between your business, your past and your purpose

… who wants to discover the unique theme and stories
that are yours and yours alone….

…who is ready to find the soul of your unique story.


Find Your Golden Thread Retreat

 is for you.

In this two-day workshop, you’ll learn tools
for finding your unique Golden Thread and
weaving it into the tapestry of your marketing message—powerfully and beautifully.

You’ll activate your inner writer
as you reveal the words that help your potential clients
recognize you right away
(what I call the Language of You.)

I’m Madeleine Eno, founder of In the Write Place,
and in lots of years of writing all kinds of marketing copy,
I’ve learned  the most compelling message
comes from the inside out.

It comes from owning who you REALLY are
(by finding the thread that winds through all
those embarrassing stories, touching anecdotes
and odd little strands of your life).

It doesn’t come from being who
you think you’re supposed to be.

Finding your one-of-a-kind Golden Thread
will not only deepen and empower how you
talk and write about your business, your offerings
(and your life)—it will also make all of this
whole lot easier.

Join me near beautiful Portland, Oregon, on

September 12-13, 2014
(10 am – 5 pm both days, includes Friday lodging)

Find and begin to unravel your Golden Thread
so that you can start to weave more YOU into your messaging...





if you have any questions.