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Queen for a Day

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“You have a lot of queen energy,” Star says.


 “Like a queen on the Scottish moors.”


She paints a feathery design on my forehead.


  A bird or headdress or crown.

I’m at a retreat in Topanga, California. Sipping wine outside in March.

Having my face painted by an intuitive body painter.

Who talks to me about the queen.


Something in me resonates.


I tell Star, “Yes, that kind of feels right.”


And then something else butts in.


“Wait a minute, I’m the scullery maid, not the queen.


I provide the service. I am not royal.”

This very flip is what I often experience with clients after a Golden Thread session-
after your stories have revealed the truth of your essence.

And it is hard to stay there. It is so easy to drift back to what’s familiar.


I so get it.
Like this. It feels good to walk and breathe like a
queen with this paint on my face. Not too long after the retreat,
however, the scullery maid comes knocking at my door.
It takes muscle to keep her out. She’s so familiar.


I want to share with you something I wrote in my journal
in the moment when I did feel like a queen.


Not because I want to dump random journal-writing on you.


But because I want to encourage you to explore and claim your true essence. Really, take courage.
If I can share this, you can SO share yours!




I am a Queen.
I am the blue flame of clear expression. Dreamer and seer.
I am here to awaken you to the story of you. Of all that you are.
My kingdom is expression. I sit on a simple throne of earth, water and wood. I was born in mud.
Crowned by experience. Dripping details, intuition, inspiration. Alchemy. Pulling pearls from your dreams.
Polishing diamonds from your coal.
My heart opens more each time I listen.
I take in. I let go.
I let a tear fall–and paint the spot silver.
It’s part of me. It’s part of you.
Nothing to fear. So much room.
Together we step into the old, the new and this royal moment.


Ok, now it’s your turn. 
I’ve got an invitation for you:
If you’d like to learn how you can discover your life’s Golden Thread
and tap into YOUR Queen for a Day essence–
click the link below to schedule your complimentary 30-minute call.

Here’s to you.

The very essence of you.


“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”
Brene Brown


As I was making a present for my baby niece a few weeks ago, this kept happening. With just about every stitch, the thread would transform from straight and smooth to  a crazy thrashy tangle.
I untangled that night more than I sewed… and the big vision I had for what I was making kept fading.
It felt so familiar and it struck me the same thing happens when you go looking for your own story… you find it, and for  a while it’s smooth and straight. You spot that thread and follow its path and it’s helping connect all the pieces together. Nice and clear.
Then when you tug it a little it devolves into an unrecognizable mess, looping back on itself, requiring you to stop everything and just unravel.
Makes you want to throw the whole thing out the window, no?
The big vision of YOU definitely fades.
You move outside of your story again, like Brene Brown describes.
You start hustling for your worthiness.
There are lots of threads in your story. Lots of emotions. Lots of shame, regret, fear dancing around in there. Seriously, when it comes to sorting it all out, tangling like this is a guarantee
Sometimes the way through is to have someone sit and look at that whole tangled mess with you.
What I’ve learned in the last few years is that we all have an inability to look at our own story and see if for what it is. Friends shouldn’t let friends dive into their story alone. It can be gnarly in there.
If you want to start exploring your story with someone who is not afraid of a few knots, schedule your complimentary Golden Thread session here.
Let’s jump on the phone for 30 minutes and see if we can’t do some untangling. Let’s just stop the hustling and start counting ourselves and our own story as worthy right now.

What Happens When the Truth Stinks

I woke at 3 a.m. yesterday to a woman screaming under the bed. I soon realized it wasn’t a woman—it was Simon, the skunk who’d been living beneath our house the last few months.

The peaceable arrangement we’d enjoyed with him seemed to be over.

And, the story, as I liked to tell it, was over, too.

Here’s the way I liked to tell it: 

We tamed a skunk! He eats from the same bowl as the cat. He waddles over when we shake the kibble bag. He stands still as we pass him on the way to the car.

He’s SO amazing!



And here’s the way it actually is:

Twice now, we’ve burrowed under the covers as an oily, eye-burning, stomach-wrenching cloud seeps into the bedroom. Simon is just doing what he does when under duress. As for me (also under duress), I’m not quite clapping for a dancing skunk. I’m washing the floors with vinegar, burning incense, and hanging our clothes outside in the trees.


Part of me still wants the story to go a certain way.
(We tamed a skunk! He’s awesome!)

The truth is, though, I’m sleeping with a lavender-doused bandana wrapped around my face while John loads peanut butter and cat food in the Have-a-Heart trap.

I love this line from the author David Foster Wallace:

“The truth will set you free,
but not until it is finished with you.”

If you’re like me, there’s a way I WANT to tell a story, but then the truth of it ends up to be a very different matter by the time it’s finished with me.

One of the most common things I hear from
business-owners who want to share their story,
is that they don’t know where to start.

So, here’s a handy little exercise, inspired by Simon,
as you’re working with yours.

What’s a story you wanted to tell one way… then the truth kept coming around and telling you something different?

Take a peek at your relationships, career, or just your long-held-onto-expectation that something in your life was supposed to be a certain way, until it was clear that it wasn’t that way anymore.

I promise, there is some good juice in there.

And if you’re ready to learn more about what to do when you’ve got it, just click here to sign up for a 30-minute complimentary clarity call, so you can see how this story relates to your business and your message.

Here’s to the truth, no matter what it smells like,

Story Resistance

The other day a new client was walking me through her vision for her latest project.

“This sounds fantastic,” I said. “All that’s missing is you.”

“Oh, sh*t.” she said. “I have to tell my story now, don’t I?” She lowered her head into her hands. “God… I knew I’d eventually have to do this.”

Story resistance like this is common.
But it’s also futile.
Because if you’re a business owner
who is the face of your service business,
the time to tell your story is going to come.

Here’s why you want to be ready…
As she told me her story over dinner, a couple of things happened (that frequently take place in the presence of good storytelling):
1. I started telling her my story as it relates to her very specific expertise-interrupting, laughing, cutting her off and jumping in with anecdotes.
2. I realized deep down I wanted to be her client (I’d never before considered this) and sign up for her next program.
The truth about sharing your story
It’s intimidating.
It can be scary.
It’s easy to resist and work on other things instead,
like your SEO and website colors.

But when you share your story powerfully and compellingly
with your ideal audience, amazing things can happen.

You give them the permission and possibility to recognize something in themselves they may not have let themselves see before. (HUGE.) And you show them the power and magic of the transformation you provide. (It’s a lot harder to do that with website colors.)

If you’d like to get a better handle on sharing your own story in a soulful, compelling and hard-to-forget way, come spend the day with me on June 20th.

In the sparkling high-desert air of Bend, Oregon, let’s get clear on the gold that’s hidden in your story.

Join me for the Find Your Golden Thread one-day retreat.

  • Strengthen your marketing message by discovering
    how to tell your signature story.
  • Connect the dots between your business, your past and your purpose as you discover your unique theme (that plugs right into the big, universal ones).
  • Learn to speak and write from the soul of your story.