Your Message

Magic Happens When Your Story and Your Message Are Clear
  • Are you a lot more wonderful than your website is?
  • Is your bio leaving people yawning instead of mesmerized?
  • Can you easily share your story to connect with the clients  you really want to work with?

Just think about how your business—and your bank account—would improve if your business message really reflected the depth of YOU and what you’re here to do?

I get it, there’s something very safe in staying behind a “just-good-enough” message. I did it. For years.

It’s easy to be small potatoes. But it’s not what you want to be anymore.

And keeping that clarity on your to-do list means you don’t really have to approach those cool people you really want to work with. (The ones who are waiting for you right now.)

So you tell yourself: “I don’t want them to see my website until it’s perfect” or “I need to get my elevator speech just right before I call them. I’ll get on that tomorrow.”

Well, the truth is, you don’t need it perfect tomorrow, you need it done today.

With words that match who you really are. With your story.

The only thing the notion of getting it perfect someday does is paralyze you. It just locks up your talent and your mission in the world.

But when you start to find the words to describe what you do and when you start to own and share your story, it’s like a key in that lock.

I know what I’m talking about here. I steered people away from my website for a long, long time… explaining that a new one was coming, hoping they wouldn’t look there, and having to describe what I do super carefully and clearly because my web copy had fallen down on the job. But the truth was, I couldn’t explain the depth of what I offered because I had never really explored my own story.

Finally I got ready. Just like you’re ready now. And when I did, I felt free. I felt like my purpose in the world and my business finally came together. I could talk about my services with confidence. People understood what I did when they looked at my website. They could make actually make a clear decision about working with me. And I didn’t have to explain everything in such detail.

Getting clear on my story meant Freedom. Ease. And the ability, finally, to get out there and offer my work and make money.

Let’s not make excuses any more. Let’s just get it done.

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